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Nicole Duncan Design – Kingston, Ontario


A fresh new look for the Queen’s University Department of Visual Arts

A clean, simple and eye-catching book ties together a wide range of information for loyalty program members.
Co-creator and Copy Writer: Tim Elmy

When a single customer can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, it pays to treat them like gold. The above series of mailings we developed for Agri-business giant, Syngenta, sent to the top crop producers in Canada. The theme is: "Working with Syngenta is money in the bank". So we sent a bank - an actual 15 lb safe. Recipients needed to call a toll-free number to get the combination which opened the dialogue as well as the safe. Inside was a planning and product guide. In subsequent mailings, we built on the relationship by sending the "money" part of the"Money in the bank" equation. Also included was the award-winning CD series "Down the Road", programmed with interviews, music and crop and product information.
Co-creator and Copy Writer: Tim Elmy.

Valentine's gifts sent to clients of the fashion retail design boutique, Studio Watt.

The classified mailing containing the top secret mission files inviting corn growers to participate in the Operation: Switchpoint event won CMA Gold in the direct mail B2B marketing category and NAMMU Best of Best awards.
Co-creator and Copy Writer: Tim Elmy ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This package was created to promote a new product (Broadband) that reduces complexity by reducing the complexity of a well know puzzle and making the recipient an instant 'genius'.
Co-creator and Copy Writer: Tim Elmy

Speaking about added benefits to being a loyalty program member, this mailer folds out into a plus sign to reveal its contents.

A continuation of the "plus" campaign, this mailer conveys quickly and effectively the CD gift inside.

To promote sustainable farming in Canada, this package was sent to key center's of influence in the agricultural community to encourage them to take a stand.

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